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About Us

     Headquartered in Irwindale, CA., NKOK Inc. was established in October 1998 as a distribution and marketing center for US licensed products specializing in radio-controlled vehicles. Since its founding NKOK has expanded their portfolio and they now offer both licensed and non-licensed goods in multiple categories for every age!

     Licenses from SpongeBob Squarepants, Sonic the Hedgehog and Polaris have inspired NKOK to develop truly unique vehicles with truly incredible brand recognition. From a full function R/C SpongeBob Krabby Patty to a full function R/C Sonic on a Free Rider Hoverboard (with wheels) there are iconic vehicles with iconic characters for all ages! For more than 60 years Polaris has been synonymous with action and adventure. The NKOK/Polaris partnership inspired an amazing 2.4 GHz Polaris Sportsman XP 1000 with ATV rider and even a turbo button! 4×4 trucks quickly became a staple R/C vehicle for NKOK when they were first introduced many years ago, and the variety/sizes have since grown tremendously. Starting with a licensed 1/24 scale friction powered 4×4 to an epic 1/10 scale Xtreme Rock Crawler with action mount, there is a monster truck and/or rock crawler in all sizes, for all budgets, for everyone.

     In addition to licenses from Ford, Ram, Jeep® and more, NKOK partnered up with Realtree high definition camouflage to make lines of 4×4 truly unique with ultra high quality iconic camouflage wraps. The NKOK/Realtree collaboration has since grown to include a variety of role playing items including walkie talkies, archery, playsets, games, plush, and more! The new Realtree playset universe stars a fully articulated 4″ tall hunter. The playsets range from 6 piece to 12 piece, Polaris Sportsman to a Jeep Rubicon (and almost everything in-between). Beyond trucks, NKOK specializes in cars. The Urban Ridez line of R/C covers Demons, Hellcats, Mustang and more! The Luxe brand is full of new and classic supercars from Bugatti to Pagani.

     Supreme Machines is an all encompassing line of friction powered, battery operated, and radio controlled vehicles. Earth Movers is another massive line of toy vehicles, but of the construction kind. From small to large, friction to R/C, each vehicle is sure to help build creative minds for years to come. While NKOK diversified their scope, they never stopped developing their Air R/C lines. NKOK also team up with Sikorsky to produce Black Hawk & Comanche helicopters under the Air Banditz brand.

     4 house brands have been developed over the years that both entertain and enrich the minds of toddlers and preschoolers alike. Junior Explorers is a line of play and learn development toys for toddlers while Junior Racers is an all encompassing line of pre-school vehicles. Junior Builders (blocks) and Junior Roll Play (role play with wheels and high powered walkie-talkies) are new brands that are growing steadily.

     Blastron is a brand of bodacious blasters. Each blaster shoots a foam dart up to 80 feet! Wow World is for premiere prehistoric playtime. There are realistic poseable sets, battery operated and even R/C dinosaurs to choose from. Wow play is a perfect blend of outdoor and tabletop games and role-play. Hover soccer, Tic Tac Toss, light-up archery, soccer, basketball, bowling and more!

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