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Item No.: 7520
Age Grade: 8+
Batt. Requirements: 3x AAA (Not Included)
Product Dims.: 6.75"L x 6.75"W x 2"H (Approx.)
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Illuminate the skies with LightHawk, the dynamic LED light show quadcopter. Features advanced altitude hold and obstacle avoidance. Includes a rechargeable battery, a USB battery charger, extra rotors and a screwdriver. Chose from multiple speeds, a headless mode, 360º flips, and home return. Take-off and/or land with ease with the built-in auto take-off and auto landing experience. Light up the skies with the LightHawk – where innovation meets dazzling performance.

✨*Dynamic Aerial LED Light Shows: Transform the skies into a mesmerizing light spectacle with LightHawk's dynamic LED light shows. Create a visual display in the air as your quadcopter dances with vibrant colors and patterns, making every flight a captivating experience. Choose from several exciting light sequences/patterns.

↕️Advanced altitude Hold: The LightHawk features altitude hold technology which allows you to maintain a steady and controlled hover at any desired height.

⚠️Obstacle Avoidance Systems: Navigate with confidence! The LightHawk's intelligent obstacle avoidance system ensures a safe and smooth flight experience. Say goodbye to collisions and fly through your surroundings with peace of mind, making exploration effortless and enjoyable.

🔋 Rechargeable Powerhouse: Say goodbye to constant battery changes! The LightHawk comes equipped with a rechargeable battery, ensuring that you spend more time in the air and less time worrying about replacement batteries. Charge, fly, repeat!

🔁Auto Takeoff and Landing: Experience hassle-free flights with the LightHawk's auto takeoff and landing feature. Effortlessly launch your quadcopter into the skies or bring it back down with precision, adding a touch of simplicity to your aerial escapades.

🔄Funtastic flips at multiple speeds: As the LightHawk hovers in place, press the flip button on the transmitter and choose a direction! The LightHawk will easily flip in that direction (as long as there is enough space to safely do so). Choose your speed and choose your adventure.

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