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UNSC Gungoose
Item No.: 762
Age Grade: 6+
Batt. Requirements: 6x AA (Not Included)
Product Dims.: 8"L x 4.5"W x 4.75"H (Approx.)
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Halo Infinite is the latest epic adventure in the beloved Halo series, and now you can become part of all the action by hopping in the R/C UNSC Gungoose, an armed and nimble ATV that is equally adept at traversing an ancient ringworld as it is taking down enemy alliances. The new full-function radio-controlled vehicle will feature powerful working headlamps to light the way for its heroic driver, Spartan-117, the Master Chief! This vehicle operates at 2.4 GHz which allows 16 players to race at the same time, with a range of up to 150 feet! 

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