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Ford F-150 - Friction Powered
Item No.: 22507
Age Grade: 3+
Batt. Requirements: Not Required
Product Dims.: 6.5"L x 4.5"W x 4"H (Approx.)

Welcome to the next generation of Mean Machines! These monster trucks tell unique stories. The Zombie Patrol is not your ordinary zombie hunting vehicle. To find zombies, one must think like a zombie first. Zoltan the zombie is the greatest zombie hunter since 1982. Be like zem, admire the zombiance and protect your brain. Thunder Hawk is a scarlet bird with 3 eyes. The third eye is invisible. Those ravishing red feathers are not. The 1:24 scale friction powered trucks come equipped with oversized wheels, a high torque friction motor for incredible speed and super high resolution custom graphics! Comes with collectible stickers! No batteries required!

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