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Reaper Baja Truck
Item No.: 81802
Age Grade: 6+
Batt. Requirements: 6x AA (Not Included)
Product Dims.: 9"L x 5.75"W x 4.5"H (Approx.)

The Mean Machine Reaper is a full function off-roading radio controlled trophy truck. A trophy truck, also known as a Baja truck or trick truck, is a vehicle used in high-speed off-road racing. This scaled down racing truck features many of the same elements as the full sized counter part: roll cage, and grippy rubber tires. Within the cockpit you will find 2 suited up legends (their identities are being kept a secret until further notice). The driver does all of the driving, and the passenger is actually a navigator. Whether you call it a trophy truck, Baja truck, or trick truck, it is quick, agile and fun to drive. The Reaper is purple and yellow with truly unique body panels. Race against the Savage today (sold separately)!

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