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Sonic & Shadow Super Loop Race Set - All Star Race Team
Item No.: 625
Age Grade: 8+
Batt. Requirements: 8x AA (Not Included)
Product Dims.: N/A

Sonic All-Stars Racing Transformed Super Loop Sonic and Shadow Slot Car Race Set is approximately 18 feet of racing action! It features double loops, turbo boost, and a lap counter! There are several layouts to choose from. In addition to the deluxe double looping layout, it can be setup as a flat oval or banked oval racetrack as well! The headlights light up, and so will your face when you battle for first place! Features a powerful turbo boost for easier loop action! Sonic and his iconic Speedstar race car and Shadow in his powerful G.U.N. (Guardian Units of Nations) Auto Tread are ready for action. Don’t forget to slow down for the turns and speed up for the loops!
• 18 Feet of High Quality Racing Track: Easily click the high quality track pieces into each other to create your own layout. Choose from many racing layouts.
• Double Looping, Gravity Defying Action: Both lanes have their own loop. Setup the track so the race cars hit their loops at the same time.
• Lap Counter: The lap counter has a simple mechanism to track the number of laps for each lane independently. First to 10 laps wins.
• Ergonomic Throttle Controller: The controller to control the speed for each vehicle is super easy to hold. It is incredibly ergonomic and even maybe a little futuristic.
• Detailed Cars & Figures: The meticulously sculpted and beautifully detailed characters and vehicles are based directly on the game.
• Turbo Boost: Convenient and easy to press button for a whole new dimension of speed.
• Working Lights: Headlights use powerful working LEDs to light up the track.

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