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Motor Scorpion
Item No.: 41174
Age Grade: 3+
Batt. Requirements: 3x AAA (Included)
Product Dims.: 12"L x 3.75"W x 3"H (Approx.)
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From the sand dunes of the Supreme Machines Motor Desert, the Motor Scorpion is a battery powered, sidewinding, light show flexing, music and sound effect producing beast. 2 powerful LED lights illuminate the windshield. They transition from blue to red in sync with the music/sound effects. With the push of a button the Motor Scorpion takes off! The power to the wheels alternate so the Motor Scorpion zig zags like a snake on wheels. Sometimes it will zig longer than it zags so it basically slithers in a circle. While it slithers it’s way into your heart, the music and sound effects bless your ears. It has tons of personality, and the batteries last a long time (batteries not included).

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