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Med. Spinosaurus, Pterodactyl, & Brachiosaurus - Poseable 3pk
Item No.: 3263
Age Grade: 3+
Batt. Requirements: Not Required
Product Dims.: N/A
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Each dinosaur that comes in the Wow World posable dinosaur 3-pack is truly a prehistoric all star. The assortment includes monster carnivores and herbivores, representing both land and air! They are each made from a high quality PVC plastic and they all feature hyperrealistic skin texture and colors. The Spinosaurus is considered the largest carnivore to ever walk the face of the earth! The figure has a massive articulating mouth and 2 posable legs. The brachiosaurus is one of the largest land animals to ever walk the face of the earth. A full sized brachiosaurus is thought to have weighed up to 120,000 lbs. (54,432kg)! The included figurine is nowhere near that weight, but all 4 of it's legs articulate. Finally, the Pterodactyl is the most recognizable flying dinosaur to ever grace the skies. Even though it most likely only ate fish and insects, it would be most likely scare most people if it were still around today. This figure features arms/wings that rotate. Each dinosaur in the set is between ~2”-2.5” tall and ~4.5”-5” long.

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