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Vertical Launcher Track Set - Hero-Bot
Item No.: 42031
Age Grade: 3+
Batt. Requirements: Not Required
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The Supreme Machine Rocket Bots put the meta in metamorphosis. They go from car to robot based on their position! With all 4 wheels planted on the ground, they naturally take to the form of a car, and when they are set back onto their trunk/feet, they turn into a robot (the secret ingredient is gravity). This Vertical Launcher Track Set is several stages of fun. The Rocket Bot locks into the primary launch pad as a car. When you press the launching lever down, the Rocket Bot speeds right into a 90º vertical climb! It immediately transforms into a Robot as it settles into place. While it is perched at the peak, press the second lever for the final stage. It speeds back down the 90º drop as a car and hits the steeply banked final turn backwards. It taps the trophy and immediately turns into a Robot one last time. Easy to assemble, no batteries required. Includes the famous Fire Rescue Hero-Bot. No batteries required!

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